best over ear workout headphones In 2021

best over ear workout headphonesWorking out with music would be so much fun if you already got the best Over Ear workout headphones. But if you don’t have them yet, and are still settling for those headphones that come with your mobile device,

or simply those you get from the cellphone and computer accessories store from the mall, this article is your chance to know more about which is the best wireless workout headphones you can get for yourself.

Save yourself all those intensive research and take a dig deeper into this article. Workout headphones are designed better than regular ones, as they need to be as accessible as possible, and will not disturb you when you are exercising.

Wired headphones tend to get tangled as you run, or messes with your yoga position, and thus very difficult to deal with if you want to focus on your routine.

Here, we have five of the best headphones to workout with. By reading these details about them, you can sure have one you will remember for the next time you go for shopping online or at the local mall near you.

1. Jaybird Sport Wireless Bluetooth Workout Headphones

Jaybird Sport Wireless Bluetooth Workout HeadphonesIt may tick you off with its price tag. Guess that’s its disadvantage. But hey, give Jaybird a chance to shows off its good qualities.

The Jaybird Sport Wireless Bluetooth Headphones showcases an in-ear headset technology, a soft cord band that connects the two earpieces which are designed to go through the back of the head.

By its name, you can connect it to your desired source device through a Bluetooth connection. The set comes with Comply foam ear tips, and silicone ones as well.

You can select from these which makes you more comfortable when exercising.

A noise isolation technology has also been built in the earbuds which is perfect if you want peace and relaxation while doing your yoga or pilates routine.

This also works if you have some issues at home or at work, and you just wish to block the world out for a few hours while you are on your daily bus or train ride.

One full charge can amount up to 8 hours of listening time, or around 5 to 7 miles of running. It is deemed to be “better than average”, but since you only deserve the best, why not look at the other options before you deliberate.

2. Plantronics Backbeat Fit Bluetooth best ear workout Headphones

Plantronics Backbeat Fit Bluetooth best ear workout HeadphonesSame with Jaybird, you can use the Plantronics Backbeat Fit for 6 to 8 hours with a single full charge. Its manufacturer claims that their product is waterproof and sweatproof, so let us hope that you can maximize your warranty just in case.

The headphones are connected with a hard band that goes through the back of the head, so if you want workout headphones that is fixed in your head, you should keep this one in mind for your selection.

There are built-in controls on the earbuds which make it easy for you to switch to your music and if you will be taking some calls from your phone (although this only works if your calls and your music comes from a single device).

It is recommended to be purchased with an armband which you can use to store your phone while running. The headphones are foldable and the armband doubles as a storage case for it so you can keep it easily in your dresser or in your countertop when you are done.

It is ranked at the 20s for the best wireless workout headphones and I think it’s advantage to others is that you can go to up to 40 or 50 feet away from your phone or mobile device and the sound would not be interrupted at all.

One downside of this is that the in-ear controls are really small, and it would take some time for you to get used to them so that you will be hitting the right buttons the next time around.

You can also get an application, download it from the app store, save it in your phone so that you can get updates and track the battery level of your headphones, so you know if you will be able to use it for your 2-hour run or if you will need to charge it first.

3. Mpow lite Bluetooth Wireless Best over Ear Headphones

Mpow lite Bluetooth Wireless Best over Ear HeadphonesMpow lite Headphones are in-ear sets that are connected by a soft band. You can also get an additional armband for your mobile phone which you can connect to the headphones, at around ten dollars as an add-on to your costs.

For a low price, it makes you question its quality if it’s better than getting a wired headset?

But it’s very light, and can just be your best Bluetooth workout headphones considering that it’s a manageable headset for its corresponding price. Why do I say it’s manageable.

Well, unlike other wireless headsets which can manage up to 40 to 50 feet distance from its audio source, 20 feet is the maximum for the Mpow lite Wireless Headphones.

After that, your music may cut off or turn choppy, like having a long distance call to someone from the other side of the globe. The upside is the set comes with a selection of earpieces, which come in different sizes.

In this way, you can mix and match which is the comfortable earpiece size for your ears.

4. Shure Best Over Ear Workout headphones

Shure SE215 K Isolating best over ear workout Earphones MicrodriverThis creation from Shure is very different (but good different) compared to other headsets issued by other manufacturers. The earbuds are built in a way that it can be detached for easy replacement.

So this makes me think if the earbuds are really durable, or are they not going to last long?

Although these are wired headsets, it is still recommended as one of the best workout headphones since its cords have a wireform fit, meaning that similar to a wire, you can form it based on the shape of your ear so that it will not fall off during intense workout sessions.

You just have to remember to adjust the volume to a normal level, especially if you will be doing some routines outdoors like jogging, for instance.

The noise isolation in these headphones is so effective that you may not be able to hear cars or any vehicles nearby if you are crossing the street. A dollar shy before turning to a hundred, it has been proven to last long and perform well even with its small and compact size.

5. Koss Sportapro Stereo best Ear WorkOut Headphones

Koss Sportapro Stereo best Ear WorkOut HeadphonesKoss Sportapro Headphones are an innovation from its predecessor which is the sportapro. And so, there have been many customers who made comparisons of it from its first issue. It’s a really great deal for a style that you can customize based on your preference.

The band can be switched from an over the head or to a behind the head style, however, you feel like wearing your headphones at a particular time. It has a swivel style to shift the band’s position and is also collapsible for better storage.

If you are looking more into the quality over the brand name, then this may just be your perfect workout headphones. Earpads are also very comfortable and you can still talk to people even when you are wearing them.

We’re not saying that there is no noise isolation at all in the Koss Sportapro, but they may have designed it just right in a way that you won’t be all deaf even while listening to pure metal music.

These headphones may just work for any rigorous activity like working out outdoors or in your gym.

So, there you go. We have laid out the best options in the market, and the final decision is yours. The comfort and the usages you can get from the headphones is very important, but consider as well how long will your purchase last,

if it’s better to go get your warranty replacements every time there’s a damage, or if you should choose the one that may cost a hefty price but will be able to be in your possession for months or even years.

Working out or doing exercises is one of the things we have maintained as part of our daily routine to stay fit and healthy. Even in fitness centers and workout videos, some kind of music is played in the background.

What is the importance of music, really, even in working out? The music you can hear makes the beat and the rhythm of the workout routines you are doing. And though you may not have noticed it, it sets the pace of the exercises.

By paying attention and repeating routines in workout videos for that particular day of the week, you will begin to notice that on warm-ups, they set the background music to a slower tempo. And once they start on the real workout, the tempo then starts to go faster, and they change to a more upbeat music, like a transition, for the body to sweat out those excess calories and burn them off easily.

Even in jogging, or just running a few laps around your neighborhood, it’s very good to have some music in your ears so you can maintain a singular beat count when running, and see if you can go for a faster beat in your next laps.

Wireless workout headphones can be distinguished on the type of material that the band is made of. Headphones that are connected via a soft band are usually like the ones that you can see typically on wired earbuds or headsets.

But since it works as wireless headphones, the only wire on it would be the ones connecting the two earbuds or ear phones. Those who have these kinds of headset make prefers the comfort of a thin cord since it is very lightweight and will not hurt the back of the head.

There are also issues of headphones that are manufactured with a band made of hard plastic. This band is usually adjustable to fit the back of the head, or sometimes it is also made as overhead bands.

You can also choose between headphones with or without ear hooks. Users prefer those with ear hooks so that it will not fall off, and some dislike them because it may hurt the ears after using it for a few hours.

Having workout headphones rather than sticking to the local ones you see in a gift shop or the regular wired earbuds is definitely more advantageous. When you have a specific item for a specific routine, it brings more organization to your daily habits. With the different innovation, you can store it very easily and it has become lightweight and can be foldable or collapsible.

And because it is specified for working out, those ranked at the best bluetooth workout headphones are relatively more expensive than regular ones. With that said, workout headphones should be more durable and long-lasting so you can say that the price you paid is definitely worth it.

Using Bluetooth headphones for working out would take a few minutes in configuring the devices you would connect it to, and make sure they can pair easily once the devices’ Bluetooth connection are turned on.

And a few minutes is already the maximum especially if you will be using the best over ear workout headphones. Some of the new releases already have its switches built on the headphones itself, and you can also set your device’s default audio output into your wireless headphones when you turn on the Bluetooth,

so that you will not need to re-connect it every time you will go for a few laps down the block. Make sure it is fit so if you are doing strenuous exercises like jogging or running a marathon, it will not fall off and you will not be bothered that it’s hanging loose on your head. Adjust the band in a way that it will not hurt too much and it will not be hanging and banging on your head.

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