Best Headphones for Tweens Reviews In 2022

Best Headphones for TweensHeadphones can be used by anyone from all age groups. This listening device helps create a private and isolated music experience. The best headphones for Tweens should be at a reasonable price range as buying a $200 worth of headphones is an investment that kids cannot maximize at this age.

While many adults would purchase expensive headphones for professional use, others are looking for a budget-friendly option for entertainment’s sake. The same is true when buying headphones for kids.

It is not that they are irresponsible, but they are kids and they have more things to think about than care for a headphone. Fortunately, headphone manufacturers keep the parent’s monetary concerns in mind by providing affordable yet good quality options.

Best Headphones for Tweens Reviews In 2022

While researching, I found some best headphones for tweens in 2022 so I decided to add them in my article with precise review.

1. JLab – Best Headphones for Tweens 2022

JLab – Best Headphones for Tweens 2020The JLab JK-BLACK-BOX JBuddies is a wired headphone for kids 2 years old and above. In terms of design, this one is attractive. It comes with stickers that can be used to customize the ear cups.

One of the aspects that make the JBuddies one of the best over ear headphones for kids is its foldability. It folds at the hinges making them more flexible and resistant to breakage. This also makes the device compact and easy to carry even if you bring a small bag.

As far as the sound goes, this headphone ensures that your child is not exposed to hearing damaging volume. Its maximum volume is set at 85 decibels, which may be too soft for you but is actually good for the developing hearing of your child, especially if he or she is a toddler.

Its durability enables the entire device to withstand some throwing and rough-and-tumble common for the younger customers of the headphone. Its durability is also a safety feature since weaker models that easily break can cut your child or may be a choking hazard (because of the broken pieces and/or parts).

Regarding the fit, JLab JK-BLACK-BOX JBuddies has cushioned ear pads that provide great comfort to your kids. The headband is adjustable to accommodate the fast growth of your child. In case your child spills something over this unit, you do not have to worry since it can resist water damage as long as it is not used for swimming.

At its price, it is one of the best over ear headphones for kids that is safe, stylish, durable, and comfortable. It is a good initial investment for your growing music lover.

2. Sony MDR Best Headphones for Tweens

Sony MDR-222KD Childrens Headphones (Black)The Sony MDR-222KD is a wired headphone (making it one of the best kids headphones for airplane) for kids that stick to a simple on-ear design. This device is designed for older kids who have passed the stage of fondness for stickers. This pair of headphones look like an ordinary pair of adult headphones in terms of design.

The size is suitable for 8 year olds and older kids. These are lightweight preventing pressure on the head and ears of the child. The earpads are cushioned with foam so that it rests comfortably on the child’s ears. The headband is adjustable to fit the head growing in size.

While the earpieces can produce great sound, it also has a limited volume feature to ensure that the sound that comes out of the headphone do not damage the ears of the kids. The downside to the design of this unit is that it is not foldable, meaning it is not compact.

It can be harder to carry around, unless your child is willing to wear it around his neck when not in use. Also, the absence of foldability increases the risk of breaking. However, at its cheap price, replacing the unit will not be hard on the pockets.

As a final verdict, the Sony MDR-222KD is a good investment for kids who are not very keen about sound quality. The design is suitable for growing kids because of its simple yet stylish design.

3. Puro Sound Labs Best Headphones for Tweens

Puro Sound Labs Best Headphones for TweensThe Puro Sound Labs is one of the best bluetooth headphones for kids. The Puro Sound Labs is one of the more expensive types of wireless headphones. The design of the device looks very elegant and stylish. It is made of metal, which makes it more durable than headphones made of plastic.

The most admirable thing about the design is its capability to block 82% of ambient noise enabling the kids to listen to the music easier. This feature can be attributed to the design of the earcups. It prevents kids from maximizing the sounds just to block external noise.

Note that this is not one the best noise cancelling headphones for kids as this does not have a noise reduction technology that electronically cancels frequencies outside the headphones.

As for comfort, the Puro Sound Labs can be used for long periods since both the headband and earcups are padded. As for the battery life, kids can enjoy playback up to 18 hours. This is an investment you could make if you observe that your child has passion in listening and engineering music and audio. The controls of this device can be found on the right ear cup.

It has a power button and a volume control scheme. The sad part about owning this headphone is that it is not convertible into a wired connection, which means that devices that are not Bluetooth-enabled would not work with this headphone.

Overall, the Puro Sound Labs is the right investment to make if you and your child are aiming for better sound quality, durability, comfort, and elegant design.

4. firsting Best Headphones for kids

firsting Best Headphones for kidsThe firsting headphone for kids looks incredibly full-sized at first impression. If not for the word “kidz”, it would have been mistake for the regular adult headphones. This one of the best over the ear headphones for kids mainly because it lives up to the volume limit of 85 decibels.

Even though it is a wireless headphone, it can be converted into a wire connected if you want your child to experience the sound quality of a wired headphone.

The sound quality of this pair of headphones is gentle, which is perfect for the ears of the little ones. The bass is not loudly thumping but is enough to entertain kids from 3 to 14 years old. The mids and highs were adequate for the consumer group the manufacturer is targeting.

When it comes to the fit, the children will enjoy listening to music without the discomfort of the headphone-clamping feature. Actually, the great fit will encourage children to listen to more to music since this headphone provides a good level of comfort even for prolonged use. One favorable aspect about this headphone is that it can be used for calls as well. The quality may not be great but it sure is functional.

As for the isolation, kids can get some blockage from external noise. However, it does not amount to much. This is actually an important feature to prevent accidents. Too much noise blockage and isolation will separate the children from the audio cues that help them prevent accidents, especially when they are outside the house.

All in all, this can be one of the best kids headphones for airplane because it can be converted into a wired listening device. While its sound may not be something that adults and audiophiles will like, it is a good start for the young music listeners.

5. Kidz Gear Wired Best Headphones For Kids

.Kidz Gear Wired Best Headphones For KidsThe Kidz Gear Wired Headphones is considered included in the list of the best headphones for kids for children ages 2 to 9. The headband offers a secure grip with its split design. AS compared to the maximum sensitivity of ordinary headphones, this one is 20 dB lower.

The Kidz Gear Wired Headphones look expensive but they are very affordable. However, they are not made from very durable materials. It can only offer a low level of sturdiness. In case your child breaks it, do not worry since it is cheap.

This headphone does not use a wireless technology. It is a wired model that has a long cable reaching 4.5 feet. This is useful for young user so that in case they drop the audio device, there is enough length of wire such that the headphones would not be forced into stretching.

Also, this unit comes is the best headphones for kids who share a single device since buying two of these headphones awards you with a free splitter so that two kids can simultaneously use an audio device.

What are Headphones for Kids?

Headphones for kids are just like headphones for adults. The difference mainly lies on the size and design. It is equally important that headphones designed for kids has a maximum volume level that will not cause damage to the children’s hearing.

The best headphones for kids come in variety of designs, colors, durability, sound quality, and price, which is why choosing the one to which you will invest in must be a decision between you and your child. Otherwise, you can expect the one you bought to be found under the bed or somewhere hidden because your kid does not like a few of its aspects.

Types of Headphones for Kids

Headphones for children are either wired or wireless. Both of these types come as on-ear phones and rarely in other designs. On-ear and over-the-ear headphones allow for maximum comfort for the delicate ears of the young ones. The best wireless headphones for kids come with a Bluetooth technology, which allows freedom of movement, especially for toddlers and preschoolers.

Other makes of headphones such as in-ear monitors, earbuds, and in-ear-canal headphones are not suitable for children since they can cause irritation of the ears and hearing damage, especially for prolonged use.

Pros and Cons of Headphones for Kids

Any product comes with an advantage and disadvantage. Wired headphones for kids do not require batteries, which means that they can be used as long as they are connected to an audio device. However, the tethering of the wires can limit a child’s movements especially for toddlers and preschoolers.

The cables can also pose as health hazards when they entangle on the child’s body parts. On the other hand, the best wireless headphones for kids enable kids to be flexible with their movements. At the same time, this can also be the setback since their movements may affect the transmission of the sound signals sent from an audio device. Moreover, wireless headphones require batteries. If the headphones are not recharged, they cannot be used.

How to Use Headphones for Kids

The connection of wired and wireless headphones are simple. First, you must ensure that the volume is turned down before connecting the headphones to an audio device. For the wired headphones, plug the listening device’s jack onto the audio devices output jack. Wear the headphones then adjust the volume to a setting you think is best for your child.

For the best bluetooth headphones for kids, you have to open the Bluetooth settings of the transmitting device then pair it with the headphones. After you connect the two devices together, you can now adjust the volume settings.


The best over the ear headphones for kids are the ones that offer them a great music experience while providing a good amount of protection for their hearing. Some headphones are more comfortable than others so you should also factor this in when choosing one for your child. Durability is also an essential aspect since kids, especially those below the age of 6, have the habit of throwing things.

If you decide not to invest much on durability, opt for units that are cheap so that when they break, they can easily be replaced. Moreover, choose the headphone which is the most cost-effective.

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