Best Bluetooth Headphones under $200 [2022]

Best Bluetooth Headphones under $200Headphones are either wired or wireless. Wireless headphones allow greater freedom of movement for users since there will be no wires that can drag the earpieces down causing the constant need to put the headphones back onto the head and/or ears of the user.

Different technologies are used to transmit sound when using cordless headphones. The most popular types of wireless listening devices today are the best Bluetooth headphones under $200. Bluetooth technology allows the transmission of sounds from smartphones, tablets, and other Bluetooth-enabled devices to the headphones in a short distance range.

Bluetooth technology used in headphones is the same as the one used in smartphones, computers, and gadgets to exchange over a short distance.

1. AYL – Best Headphones under $200

AYL – Best Headphones Headphones under $200AYL Bluetooth Headphones V4.1 is one of the best-in-ear Bluetooth headphones that utilize the latest Bluetooth 4.1 technology along with the EDR APT-X audio decoding. Together, these two produce excellent sound reproduction. The treble is on point with the detail and accuracy needed.

The lows are deep. An overall balance from top to bottom is attained. To block ambient noises when listening to music, this headphone has a noise reduction technology that filters unwanted noises enabling a clearer sound.

As for the range, the Bluetooth 4.1 technology can cover 10 meters. This allows greater flexibility without losing reception. As for the fit, it is admittedly comfortable and stable. However, this will depend on the characteristics of the user’s ears.

But that is why 6 of earbuds and 6 ear hooks are included in the product package to find the perfect fit.

As for functionality, there are external buttons that you can toggle to adjust volume, skip songs, and answer calls. This may come as an issue for some people since other Bluetooth headphones offer hands-free control.

As for battery life, the AYL Bluetooth Headphones V4.1 can last up to 7 hours, which when compared to other wireless Bluetooth headphones is short. But it is not really disappointing considering you can already get 7 hours of uninterrupted workout time with this battery life.

At last though, the AYL Bluetooth Headphones V4.1 is one of the best Bluetooth headphones under $200 to consider when finding a reliable and cost-effective pair of earphones. They are perfect for working out while listening to music.

2. Philips SHP9500– Best Wireless Bluetooth Headphones 2020

Philips SHP9500- Best Wireless Bluetooth Headphones 2020Philips SHB5500BK/27 has an elegant look to it despite its bulky appearance. Its simplistic design is something that people who want a neutral yet stylish headphones would get attracted to.

While the bulk of the headphones may seem to put on weight once worn, it is actually lightweight. Paddings on the ear cups allow for great comfort, especially for prolonged use.

The clamping mechanism of the headphone was not too tight allowing for ventilation and flexibility.

The Philips SHB5500BK/27 can block ambient noise at a level similar to noise reduction headphone sets. In terms of the sounds, you can expect a crisp, strong, and responsive bass perfect for your upbeat playlist when exercising or training. However, this powerful bass has a downside to it.

This always results in the compromise of the treble and the midrange. Good thing is that, when assessed overall, the bass is thumping and the midst and highs still provide the needed accentuation and detail.

One aspect of the Philips SHB5500BK/27 that you will either loathe or love is its battery life. It can last up to 8 hours. For individuals who want full access to their playlist all day, this can be a rather short battery life.

But for the average listener, this duration is enough. After all, there is a full night that can be allotted for recharge.

Another downside to this unit is that it does not have the option for wiring, which means that you cannot use it in airplanes, which require wired headphones. Also, its lack of control buttons can be a deal-breaker with only control for playing or pausing the music.

This is one of the best cheap Bluetooth headphones since it provides sound quality better than what is expected at its price and appearance.

3. Plantronics – Best Headphones under 200

Plantronics – Best Headphones under 200When compared to other headphones, the Plantronics Backbeat is an eye-catcher for its nice blue shade. Headphones usually come in neutral colors ranging from black to gray. The nice blue shade of these headphones makes them easy to spot and admire.

The headband of this pair of headphones is made from rubber with one smooth side and the other, grainy. The rubber lining allows for durability and flexibility fit for use when working out and training.

This is one of the best in-ear Bluetooth headphones since it has a supplemental safety feature with the band’s reflective surface enabling the user to be seen in daylight or at night while running or exercising.

The earbuds position perfectly on the ear with the ear hook providing greater stability. However, the headband can cause minor disruptions when running. Its looseness causes a bobbing sensation.

As for the audio quality, the maximum volume is acceptable. However, individuals who want a higher volume setting might be disappointed with its loudness limit. Issues with the sounds are very few.

Sound reproduction is balanced from the high to mids to lows. Bass response in the Plantronics BackBeat may not be as powerful as other headphones but the richness of the vocals and treble is present, which is commonly lacking in other headphone units. As for calls, the quality is all right but the voice is not clear but it is audible.

Final verdict is that this device has minor issues such as the loose headband, occasionally Bluetooth drops, and call quality. However, for its price, it surely delivers good sound quality, fit, and comfort.

4. Powerbeats – Best Bluetooth Headphones

Powerbeats – Best Bluetooth HeadphonesPowerbeats 2 deserves a spot on the list of the best-in-ear Bluetooth headphones. The bold and iconic design of these headphones is fit for the young and young-at-heart. The earphones are lightweight.

However, it is designed for those who often exercise and train, which are activities that require a lot of movement. For this earphone to provide the stability and prevent fallouts of the earpieces, the grip is intensified at the expense of comfort.

In any movement the user does from walking to running, jumping, or jogging, little friction is experienced. Also, the unit is durable enough to withstand external factors such as sweat, rain, occasional drops and weight pressure.

While the Powerbeats 2 is manufactured by an Apple-owned company, this pair of earphones work on iOS devices as well as Android gadgets.

As for the sound, the bass has a high level of responsiveness, offering a booming sound. However, the power of the bass is not well-defined but rich. When observing the midrange and treble, this is where the Powerbeats 2’s sound reproduction falls flat.

These two lack warmth and seem to be muffled. Nevertheless, when perceived as one big sound experience, the Powerbeats 2 delivers.

As for the reception, this unit offers a great range as far as 30 feet in range. Dropouts are not a thing in this headphone.

Calls quality is also reliable with the microphone able to pick up speaking volume. Yet, another downside of this device is its battery life. For its price, longer battery life is expected but it does not meet the expectations. It only lasts for 6 hours.

As a final thought, the Power beats 2 is a reliable pair of the best Bluetooth in ear headphones if you will use it for workout, training, and sports. It has some issues with comfort but what it lacks in that area it makes up for in durability and quality.

5. Sony MDRZX770BN – Best Bluetooth Headphones under $200

Sony MDRZX770BN – Best Bluetooth Headphones under $200Sony MDRZX770BN has a sporty look to it from its blue and black color combination as well as its size and design. It has a multi-function button that allows playing and pausing as well as skipping songs.

Its performance starts with the noise isolation that the ear pads provide. Closed-back design seals the sound coming from the headphones while blocking external noises to enter the ears.

However, this design is a hindrance to ventilation causing sweating of the ears for prolonged use.

Judging from the sound of these best cheap Bluetooth headphones, the signature is warm, providing versatility across different music genres. However, the soundstage seems cramped.

Midrange and treble are accurate, clear, and well-blended. While lows are well-reproduced, they lack in power and response. One of its strongest suits outside sound quality is its battery life.

It can last up to 17 hours if you set it in the middle volume setting. As for the connectivity, you can expect a reliable quality of music listening and also in making and answering calls.

Finally, this pair of headphones is certainly one of the best Bluetooth in-ear headphones for its outstanding design, long battery life, and overall reliable sound quality.

What is a Bluetooth Headphone?

A Bluetooth headphone is among the three types of wireless headphones, the other two being infrared and radio frequency headphones. Bluetooth is a technology that connects electronic devices together via a Personal Area Network (PAN).

The wireless network allows two connected devices to operate with each other without physical attachment, as long as the connected devices are in fair close quarters of about 10 meters.

This means that for these best Bluetooth headphones to receive sound transmissions, it should stay within this range from the transmitting device, which can be a smartphone, laptop, television, and any other Bluetooth-enabled device.

Pros of Bluetooth Headphones:

There are two sides to using wireless even the best wireless Bluetooth headphones— the favorable and the unfavorable. Bluetooth headphones are useful in allowing sound transmission without wires, which means that there will be no problems with wire entanglement or the wires pulling the earpieces away from your ears as you run, jog, exercise, train, or do any other activities that entail a lot of movement such as in sports.

Cons of Bluetooth Headphones:

However, connectivity issues are also present with Bluetooth headphones, especially for the older versions. To prevent this problem, get the latest best wireless Bluetooth headphones with more advanced Bluetooth technology.

The concern now will be the price. Some advanced models of Bluetooth headphones can be rather expensive. But the price will make up for sound quality. Cheaper models tend to compromise sound reproduction making it less admirable for music lovers.

Since Bluetooth headphones cannot get power directly from the device that transmits the sounds, it needs to run on batteries. Depending on the model that you choose, you can get a battery life from 6 to over 20 hours so choose the unit wisely.

How to Use Bluetooth Headphones:

Bluetooth headphones are simple to use, especially if you already have experience using Bluetooth technology in other devices such as smartphones, laptops, and televisions.

First, you must ensure that the headphone is fully charged. Turn the transmitting device on whether it is a smartphone, television, game console, or laptop.

Search for the Bluetooth function under the settings then turn it on. Allow it to scan available devices and once you find the name of the headphone, pair it together.

Headphone can now be connected to the device. If you are using a smartphone, this will automatically direct the calls to the headphone.


Bluetooth headphones are designed to provide flexibility in movement, which makes this type of listening device apt for sports, exercise, and other similar activities.

While in the same category as wireless headphones, Bluetooth earphones still differ from each other based on sound reproduction, durability, comfort, and appearance.

Finding the best Bluetooth headphones is a matter of trial and error method and knowing what qualities of a wireless headphones are on your top priority list.

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